ENC Security gives you a suite of applications that bridges your entire digital life. From thief-proof security to nearly perfect file and data recovery to seamless, always-up-to-date file-syncing and team collaboration, you have unmatched certainty that your digital life remains completely in your control.

Unmatched Protection


DataVault secures your business documents, photos, videos and team files, no matter what digital disaster may occur.

Unmatched Power


If you’ve lost a file—almost any kind of file—and it’s recoverable, Recovery will find and restore it.

Unmatched Collaboration


SuperSync lets you seamlessly update and share files and subfolders across any device, including attached drives and cloud-based storage systems.


ENC Security bridges your digital life.

So much of our lives involve a computer or a smartphone, or we store it in the cloud or on a drive somewhere. ENC Security makes software applications that give you the unmatched certainty that if anything bad happens to your laptop, flash drive, or even your cloud drive, your files, documents, photos... all of it! is protected and available. Whenever you need it, wherever you need it.

Archive/Low Use
Active/Personal Use
Active/Team Collaboration

Thieves, Freaks, Hackers, Bots, Corrupt Competitors and Screw-ups – good luck!

ENC Security makes software that ensures your digital life remains completely under your control.

We make it easy to keep all of your files – company financials, client and patient records, family photos and videos – always secure, recoverable when need be, and accessible when you and your team need them.

Here’s what you can count on:

True Multi-platform Flexibility

ENC’s products are seamlessly cross-platform friendly. Our users enjoy scalable, practical data security, recovery and accessibility, free of proprietary platform hassles.

Experts In Digital Security, Recovery & Collaboration

With more than 22 years experience, we are experts in providing users with infallible data security, the confidence they can recover lost files if at all possible, and allowing teams to easily collaborate in real time with the right files.

Enterprise/Military Level Security

ENC Security provides our users unmatched certainty that their data and privacy are absolutely secure, yet simple to set up and easy to use.

Truly Easy to Use Applications

We offer a suite of powerful applications that provide comprehensive confidentiality, recoverability and accessibility in easy to use.

"My 2 Rules:Have allways a copy of my files and when I am on the move have the files protected! ENC Security had for me the perfect solution."

ENC Security is a professional data security company that makes DataVault and Recovery software.
Our data security applications give you unmatched certainty that when properly installed and organized, even in the event of disaster, you’ll be able to recover your data, if at all possible.

ENC’s applications can be used on nearly all devices, across almost all operating systems. With ENC Security, you determine the level security you feel is appropriate, so that you are always in control of your digital life.

"ENC Security has my digital world secured, from end to end. My patient data is protected. All of my files are secure and protected. I'm confident my business and my practice are protected."