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File Synchronization Software: 7 Reasons to Use it at Home and Work

Keeping your digital life organized is complicated. The solution is file sync synchronization software. Here are the top reasons you should use a file synchronization tool at work and at home.

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Why Use Higher Data Encryption Levels?

It’s been all over the news. The data of millions of customers have been stolen and either sold or released online. Making matters worse, in almost all of these cases, the stolen data either wasn’t encrypted or was guarded by only lightweight data encryption. If you’re a businessperson, here’s how you can steer clear of this business-crippling disaster.

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Local Data Storage vs. Cloud Storage

There’s an ongoing debate: which is better, local data storage or cloud storage?

Both have definite advantages. Both have disadvantages. To help sort this out, here are some of the key points of both types of storage and how they affect the security of your business.

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File Organization Tips for Time-Strapped Business Owners

Ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done? You’re not alone. That’s where file organization comes in. We cover some basic file organization tips for syncing and everyday efficiency to help you do more with your day.

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