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Secure your files on all your devices

Computers. Cloud. No limitations
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Special offer by ENC Security for SanDisk customers, provided and supported by ENC

More than 12 million users

over the whole world

Release the full power of SecureAccess with ENC Datavault

  • Now with a new design!
  • Military grade encryption
  • Unlimited secure folders
  • Three active devices
  • PC and Mac
  • Back-up functionality
  • Smart synchronization
  • Premium support by ENC
  • Available in English

Trusted by

Western Digital

Create your maximum secure and private environment with SecureAccess Unlimited (Pro)

Ultimate encryption (256 bit)

More security when carrying your files around

Secure your files anywhere

Always the latest version of your files

Secure your cloud storage

Never lose files or important data

Easy to use interface

Gain control of your digital Life

Getting started

SecureAccess offers unmatched drag ' n drop ease of use


Create your ENC ID and pick the subscription that suits you best

We recommend SecureAccess Unlimited Pro with an absolutely unlimited user experience and many great features.

Install the software anywhere you need it and log-in

Create new secure folders, back-up files with SecureAccess Unlimited Pro and enjoy having your files safe and secure. Just one click away.

Drag and drop your files into your secure folder and never have to worry anymore!

Experience the ease and comfort of drag and dropping your files into safety.

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You can also download our free trial for Mac or Windows. We also offer paid plans with additional features, support and back-ups.