If a file or folder is
recoverable, Recovery
will restore it.

If you’ve lost a file, ENC Security’s ground-breaking Recovery application will likely be able to retrieve it for you. It doesn’t matter if you suffered a crash, accidentally interrupted a saving action or wrote over an existing file, the Recovery software makes finding documents, photos, videos, music – virtually any kind of file – a simple recover-and-restore action.

Unmatched User Experience

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  • Perfect tool for professional photographers and videographers.
  • Recovery will restore any recoverable file or folder. Any type.
  • Quickly locates and recovers ENC Security DataVaults.
  • Regardless of the scenario - accidental deletion, formatting or operational mistakes – Recovery will find your data, if it’s possible to do so.
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  • Recovers virtually any kind of data type, even files with custom extensions.
  • Works across all of types of attached media devices.
  • Finds and restores virtually all common video and photo formats, including GoPro and similar files.
  • User is always in control, with full complement of recovery options, including:
    • Preview before recovery
    • Save recovered files to any location
    • Search Filter to optimize results
    • User configurable file types
    • Complete data recovery
  • Supports complex directory structures like those found on advanced cameras.
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  • Recovery is simple and easy to use.
  • Intuitive interface expedites recovery operations.
  • Search options are organized and uncomplicated.
  • Multiple language versions.

"When my external drive crashed, I thought I'd lost the whole day's shoot. I tried Recovery with little hope. But it found the files and restored them. The relief I felt was overwhelming."

ENC Security is a professional data security company that makes DataVault and Recovery software.
Our data security applications give you unmatched certainty that when properly installed and organized, even in the event of disaster, you’ll be able to recover your data, if at all possible.

ENC’s applications can be used on nearly all devices, across almost all operating systems. With ENC Security, you determine the level security you feel is appropriate, so that you are always in control of your digital life.

"After our admin accidentally deleted the presentation folder, I thought we were doomed. But Recovery found it and restored it like nothing had ever happened."