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When private data should stay private

Computers. Drives. Cloud. No limitations.

ENC Solutions

We offer comprehensive, customizable data protection solutions for organizations to protect their data. Today’s complex data protection challenges require smart and innovative solutions. ENC offers proven technology to keep private and company data safe. And our technology is fully customizable to your needs.


The no. 1 encryption software

Easy to use software for file encryption
Smart User Interface
File sharing, back-up and synchronization
Deployment made easy
Available on Windows and Mac
Fully customizable


Create your own data protection solution

All our solutions can be built to order
We customize or build new software
Security by design
Ready to use file encryption mechanism
Can be integrated in any application
Suited for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS
Fully customizable


Advanced encryption software to protect your data

Apply comprehensive military grade data protection and security features to your systems and enable employees to keep your data safe. We protect all devices, local or cloud.

USB Drives
Hard Drives
CDs and DVDs
Desktop PC
Any cloud services

Features that fit your needs

Ultimate encryption using 256 bit AES keys

Military grade

Secure your cloud storage

Never lose files or important data

Easy to use interface

Gain control of your digital Life

Portable application

Runs from any device without installation

Supports all modern platforms

Available for Windows and Mac

Our product secures your files on all your devices. Computers, drives, cloud with no limitations. Our advanced, customizable and easy to deploy solutions keep your employee's data safe and productive.

SecureEngine Solutions

A ready to integrate encryption platform

Use proven encryption technology in your own product line. With our SecureEngine platform, any company can use ENC’s encryption engine to easily establish their own data protection solution.

Ultimate encryption

128- or 256-bit AES encryption

Easy integration

Comes with a SDK and API

Strong protection

Using passwords or connecting to other authentication

Compatible with any device

Hard drives, phones or even custom devices

Qualified support

Our tech team is always available to assist you

Supports all common platforms

Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

One of our success stories

For our customer Western Digital Corporation, we developed the iXpand Charger Data Protection feature. A unique device that both wirelessly charges a mobile phones while it creates an encrypted backup of the pictures, files and documents on the device.

CustomMade Solutions

The best part? All of our solutions can be perfectly fit to your needs

We value you and your business goals. Our goal at ENC is to help you accomplish your goals. We believe we can do this, by providing you out-of-the-box solution and tailoring them where necessary. New colors, a different GUI or even a whole new solution. We are ready for it. Are you?

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Trusted by large corporations

Reviewed by security experts

Neil J. Rubenking


"ENC DataVault turns any USB drive into a secure removable disk for your important files. The program also serves as a key to unlock the local, encrypted folders."

CNET Review Team


"ENC DataVault is visible only to you and remain hidden to anyone using your computer who does not have your password."

Patrick Creighton

"It is an indispensable facility for those who are often on the go and have sensitive material on their computers."

We helped over 12 million users and organizations

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