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Security in a digital world

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As with most groundbreaking ideas, the founders of ENC Security asked a fundamental question: What if we could provide a simple means for helping people maintain unmatched security in a digital world that is anything but secure?

And from this crucial question arose ENC Security, a fast-rising technology company that is accomplishing just that: providing unmatched certainty for a customer’s digital security.

Digital Security triangles

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Maarten Krijgsman and Jeroen Wortelboer have framed ENC Security within two concentric security triangles: Availability/ Confidentiality/ Integrity and Performance/ Usability/ Security.

The first triangle is how security is commonly approached. But it doesn’t necessarily take into account an end-user’s ability to easily secure their digital devices, like mobile phones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers, without considerable technical knowledge. So, Maarten and Jeroen focused ENC’s many products around performance and usability, while creating software with military grade security. The key concept is that when a software application is easy to install and works as expected, a user can then be certain their digital life is completely secured.

Over 12 Million users

Today, more than 12 million people have installed one or more of ENC Security’s products on their digital devices. And today, they are securely protecting the data, photos, videos, business plans, and financial and health records – the data that is most important in their personal and professional lives – so that their information remains completely secured and they remain in complete control of their digital lives.

"It is an indispensable facility for those who are often on the go and have sensitive material on their computers."

Patrick Creighton

ENC Security Founders: Veterans of Digital Security

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Maarten Krijgsman

Chief Marketing Officer

CMO Maarten Krijgsman has 33 years of international marketing and sales experience in the technology field. He witnessed the positive powerful emergency of the internet and also the downside presented by the internet in the form of greatly reduced privacy. Through ENC Security, he can contribute to overcoming many of these negative side effects.

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Jeroen Wortelboer

Chief Executive Officer

CEO Jeroen Wortelboer has 24 years of experience as a cyber security specialist. His clients included several financial organizations, a governmental research organization and the military. His singular approach of presenting digital security as a tool of enablement – rather than the disabling viewpoint taken by many in the digital security world – provides ENC Security a distinct platform for idea and product development.