ENC SuperSync

The only syncing application that synchronizes all of your important digital stuff, whenever and wherever you want it synced, automatically.

SuperSync lets you seamlessly update and share files and folders across nearly every device, including external drives and cloud-based storage systems. You easily control when files are updated. SuperSync is the one sync app that makes it easy to backup and archive your data, and keep your digital life organized and always current.

What, where and when. SuperSync is that simple.



Click on the files and folders you want to sync. You can determine who sees what files and folders, too!



Simply choose where you want to sync your files - another folder, external drive, PC, or even your cloud accounts.



SuperSync is easy to set up for manual or automatic synchronization. Pick your schedule and SuperSync takes it from there.

Unmatched Convenience

  • Sync seamlessly and instantly across every storage device—attached, networked and cloud
  • Archival and versioning capabilities
  • Multi-OS Integration: Windows, Mac and Linux

“All my photos and home videos are automatically synced and archived to my other cloud drive. I free up all that space on my phone and I don’t have to touch a thing—talk about easy!”


Unmatched Control

  • Selective Sync: Share complete folders, subfolders, specific documents or file types
  • Smart Scheduler Options:
    • Manual
    • Automatic
    • On start-up of SuperSync
    • Scheduled
      • Interval
      • Hourly, Weekly or Monthly

“Bob updated the financials on our client’s files, and instantly in real time Jennifer and the rest of the team had the new numbers in hand for the client meeting.”


Unmatched Security


“It took about 2 minutes to set my automation preferences. The setup was straightforward and now I have a complete copy and backup for all files and folders. Even if my laptop is stolen or gets hacked, I’m immediately back in business.”


“This is the only application that lets us completely sync all of our highly confidential documents among our executive team, anywhere in the world, all secured by a DataVault.”

ENC Security is a professional data security company that makes DataVault, Recovery and SuperSync software. Our data security applications give you unmatched certainty that when properly installed and organized, even in the event of disaster, you’ll be able to recover your data, if at all possible.

ENC’s applications can be used on nearly all devices, across almost all operating systems. With ENC Security, you determine the level of security you feel is appropriate, so that you are always in control of your digital life.

“It automatically syncs all of my files and folders on any attached or networked device or cloud storage no matter where on the earth those files are stored.”